On March 12th, 2021, under the leadership of Neway Labor Union, 40 Neway Valve employees organized a tree planting activity in Suzhou’s Taihuwan Park where our employees planted more than 30 tree saplings. The employees carefully cultivated these young saplings, hoping that they can thrive and add to the abundant foliage of our city. A mature botanical environment is very important to all, therefore this tree-planting activity demonstrates the fortitude of Neway employees to help environmental protection with practical actions.

Reducing our carbon footprint has gradually become the mainstream trend of world environmental development. Neway Valve has followed this trend to implement low-carbon strategies and globally friendly concepts in all aspects of its production and operation. In addition to regular community service activities and promoting our motto: "low carbon solutions & environmental safety: protecting our earth", Neway Valve also implements low-carbon and environmental measures through purchasing various energy-saving equipments. Neway Valve has installed 50,000 square meters of solar panels on its factory roof as well as all its workshops and offices which are powered by energy-saving light bulbs and energy-efficient air conditioners, that reduce the use of traditional electric energy. Public bicycles and fixed shuttle buses inside & outside the factory provide convenience for our employees' short-distance travel and commuting, which further reduces vehicle exhaust emissions. In terms of production equipment, the one-piece assembly line greatly saves time of valve assembly and achieves the goal of improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption. These measures have resulted in the rapid increase of Neway Valve's carbon reduction from 102 tons in 2015 to 3,428 tons in 2020.

In recent years, Neway Valve has committed to providing complete valve solutions for customers in LNG, hydrogen energy, offshore wind/power, nuclear power, biomass energy, and geothermal energy industries by continuously cultivating our clean energy and new energy markets.

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