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Water Treatment
With the growth of population and the change of global climate, water resources are becoming more and more deficient. Its highly important to make good use of traditional water resources (such as inland fresh water lakes, reservoirs, etc.) and seek new water resources meantime. The water treatment industry is always seeking methods to maximize water resource sharing in order to ensure sufficient water supply. In water treatment industry aged production facilities and external water-transmission lines often leads to maintenance increase of facilities and waste of resources.

Neway offers customers complete solutions for every phase of water cycle period. 1) Applying high-efficient method to desalinate, transport, treat and distribute water. 2) Finding new uses for recycled water. 3) Ensuring the reliability of waste water treatment. Neways products and services help customers to optimize production and pipeline facilities.

Major Applications:
Sea Water Desalinization
Water Transportation
Water Treatment
Water Cycle and Use
Sewage Treatment
Main Products:
Conventional Cast Gate/Globe/Check Valve
Ball Valve
Butterfly Valve
Knife Gate Valve
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