Neway Valve (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd

Neway Valve is one of leading valve manufactures with the advanced valve plant in the world who can cover a complete valve program in order to satisfy the demand and requirements of our clients.The entire manufacturing process is being controlled in-house, starting with our own R&D center, three foundries and high end assembling & testing plant.

Our product range is covering many valve types like: gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly, nuclear, subsea, control, safety valve & wellhead equipment. All the indicated valve range is being operated within different industries. The majority is being used in the oil & gas, offshore, chemical, power, nuclear, mining and air separation industry.

Neway is able to provide a complete solution of industrial valves with a fully traceable and in-house quality control system. Neway’s proven stable quality, reliability and performance has been acknowledged by key EPC contractors and end-users and results in many approvals, contracts, frame work & investment agreements.

Neway Flow Control Co.,Ltd.

Established in 2020, Neway Flow Control belongs to Neway Group and is located in Suzhou High-tech Zone. The plant covers 67,000sqm and mainly produces butterfly valve and forging valve. Neway Flow Control is committed to building Neway Smart Factory, realizing intelligent manufacturing through automatic manufacturing equipment and digital management.

Neway Industrial Material

Neway Industrial Material is part of our Neway Group and contains three fully owned foundries in Suzhou and Dafeng.Neway Industrial Material provides high-end casting to our valve divisions including materials like (low temperature) carbon steel/ stainless steel/ (super) duplex and high alloy steels.All analyses regarding the mold and pattern designs are being performed in our own premises in order to guarantee a constant casting level and quality.

  • Foundry name: Tongan
    Location: Suzhou, China
    Founded: 2003
    First Extension: 2008
    Second Extension: 2015
    Cover Area: 112,500sqm
    Capacity: 19,200Tons/year
    Main Product: Sand castings

  • Foundry name: Fengshan
    Location: Dafeng, China
    Founded: 2004
    Cover Area: 50,000sqm
    Capacity: 12,000Tons/year
    Main Product: Precision Castings (loss wax investment)

  • Foundry name: Forging Foundry

    Location: Liyang, China
    Founded: 2019

    Max Weight / Forging: 20 Ton
    Capacity: 50,000 Ton / year
    Main Product: CS, LTCS, AS, SS

Neway Oil Equipment (Suzhou) Co., LTD.

Neway Oil Equipment (NOE) belongs to the Neway Group and is located in Suzhou, China.The main task is to provide a complete solution with regards to oil & gas wellhead and drilling equipment on a global base.

Due to the fact that all R&D and analyses are being performed in-house, we are able to design and manufacture tailor made solutions which suit all clients’requirements and field conditions and Neway is approved by major end-users which result in a very impressive reference list and good reputation.

Dongwu Machinery Co., LTD.

With history of 60 years, Dongwu Machinery is part of the Neway Group and is well recognized in the safety valve industry. In order to meet all testing requirements and applicable certifications, Dongwu Machinery is equipped with a high-end safety valve test center. It is a high-tech enterprise specialized in producing safety valves that apply in many large petroleum, petrochemical and nuclear and power companies at home and abroad.

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