Career Development

  • Global Talent Evaluation Model
    Neway uses a performance evaluation model based around a combination of common & professional skills. This system was created with the help of renowned talent assessment company, CEB, and uses a combination of evaluation methods to provide an objective assessment of each employee’s strengths and weaknesses in regards to their job roles and responsibilities, as well as future professional goals. This is done with the purpose of providing employees a targeted approach to improving their skills and growing professionally.
  • Competency Based Training
    Neway’s training system is based on the performance evaluation metrics described above. The system creates training courses that are tailored for each individual employee based on a variety of factors including job scope, competencies, experience, and training.
  • Dual Channel Talent Development
    The focus of Neway’straining and development is to enhance professional expertise, whether as an individual contributor or in management. The goal is to create individual training and evaluation plans that allow employees to pursue their own areas of interest and achieve their own goals through these two channels.
  • Staff Enrichment
    Neway invests in and supports staff involvement in a variety of activities, including public service, team-building, recreations and wellness.
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