Neway Valve awarded ”National Intellectual Property Rights Demonstration Enterprise”


In October, Neway Valve was successfully selected as the 2022 "National intellectual property Demonstration enterprises".

Neway Valve has 3 R&D centers globally, 200+ R&D personnel and 140+ patents. Neway Valve has a complete intellectual property management system, takes intellectual property management as an important means to accelerate enterprise development, constantly improves intellectual property management ability and operation ability. 

Neway Valve leads the technological industry development with the spirit of innovation, strengthens independent innovation and R&D in science and technology, promotes the transformation of intellectual property achievements.

The selection of NEWAY as the National intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprises is an affirmation of the company's comprehensive ability of intellectual property system and the reflection of R&D and innovation system, which will strengthen NEWAY’s influence in the industry and have positive impacts on the future development.

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