Honor of “National Workers' Pioneer” for Neway Valve Engineering Laboratory FE team


It is a great honor that the Fugitive Emission (FE) test team of Neway Valve engineering laboratory has been honored as the “National Workers' Pioneer” on April 26th, 2023. This is the recognition of Neway‘s technological innovation and quality management concept, and it is also a honor for all Neway employees, to recognition their dedication and collaboration.

As we know, with the increasing awareness of human safety and environmental protection, the allowable leakage level of hazardous, flammable and explosive media in petrochemical plants is becoming stricter. One of Neway Valve commitments is to focus on design and production valves with minimum leakage rate. Neway built the engineering laboratory in 2003, which performs FE testing, low-temperature and high-temperature testing, vacuum testing and qualification etc. Neway is the first company dedicated to R&D of FE valves in China and has also developed the first domestic FE testing standard.

After 20 years of development, the FE test team at Neway Valve has monitored over 30,000 valves annually and provided over 500,000 high-end FE valves to customers worldwide with their excellent technical skills. These valves are widely used in the fields of petrochemicals, natural gas, and nuclear power industrial etc., and have contributed to carbon neutrality and sustainable development as well.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the colleagues of the FE team and all staff of Neway Valve for their hard work and dedication. Neway will stay true to the mission and keep enterprise to improve valve industry in China!

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