Neway successfully developed 20”Class 2500 Metal Sealed Emergency Shut-off Valves


Newey valve successfully developed and produced the first 20 inch Class 2500LB metal sealed emergency shut-off valve in China with 3 years efforts by Neway R & D team, to fill the gaps in the domestic industry! Technical Director of Neway Valves said, "This batch of high-pressure weaver-resistant ball valves are mainly used in the construction of offshore platforms. If an emergency occurs during offshore oil drilling operations, the valves can be closed within 10 seconds to prevent leakage.”

“Innovation” is always guiding Neway for continuous improvement. Neway focuses on new products R&D and upgrading. We have very professional R & D teams and own numbers of effective patents and independent intellectual property core technology as well. The R&D expense we spent in 2022 is more than 20 million USD. Neway is successfully selected as "National intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise" in 2022. Neway will insist on breaking through the technical barriers and improvement continuously as always as we are.

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