The "Nuclear Grade-ⅠElectric Shut-off Check Valve" and "Nuclear Grade Global Valve without Cover" Developed by Neway Passed the Appraisal


On April 29, 2024, the China General Machinery Industry Association held a technical appraisal meeting in Neway Suzhou factory for the "Nuclear Grade-ⅠElectric Shut-off Check Valve (lifting and swing-type structures)" and "Nuclear Grade Global Valve without Cover" which jointly developed by Neway and their customers. The meeting was hosted by Huang Li, the President of the China General Machinery Industry Association, some researchers and leader teams from CGN Engineering Co., Ltd., CGN Research Institute Co., Ltd., Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd., and Neway Valve Co., Ltd. also attending the meeting as representatives .

The appraisal committee concludes the following appraisal opinion: The R&D of the Nuclear Grade-ⅠElectric Lifting Check Valve, the Nuclear Grade-ⅠElectric Swing Check Valve, and the Nuclear Grade Global Valve without Cover are successful and they have independent intellectual property rights. These valves have reached the advanced level of products in the international market in terms of main performance indicators, can be promoted and applied in nuclear power plants.

This indicates that Neway has the ability to provide high-end nuclear grade valve equipment for advanced nuclear power plant such as Hualong One and Guohe One. Neway has the production and testing capabilities for advanced nuclear valve equipment, with mature production processes and the basis for mass production. The products meet the needs of third-generation nuclear power plants and can replace similar imported products. The developed products will significantly enhance the safety level of nuclear facilities by leveraging their innovative technology and competitiveness, as well as the advantages of supply chain autonomy and control. This will promote the efficient, safe, and stable development of the nuclear energy industry.

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