Neway was Invited to TotalEnergies IPO Supplier Day of Celebrating 100 years’Anniversary


Neway Valve, as a strategic industrial valve supplier of TotalEnergies, attended the TotalEnergies100th Anniversary Supplier Conference on May 21, 2024, in Shanghai, upon invitation from TotalEnergies Shanghai IPO. Neway Valve expressed our sincere congratulations to TotalEnergies on her centennial milestone!

During the conference, TotalEnergies primarily showcased her growth journey and various business modules, as well as the development overview in China, including insights into TotalEnergies’ lubricants division, energy storage, and photovoltaic sectors. Additionally, TotalEnergies presented on global procurement, One Tech initiatives, and sustainable development, with a particular emphasis on carbon reduction and renewable energy. The second session featured presentations from seven of TotalEnergies’ suppliers on innovation, digitalization, and sustainable development, along with insights into TotalEnergies' investments and future plans in the field of new energy.

In the innovation and digitalization segment, Neway Valve delivered a keynote speech titled "Application of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) in the Valve Industry.", which brings widespread attention.

On May 22, Mr. Jean Viallefont, the executive in charge of supply chain management of TotalEnergies, visited Neway valve and Neway foundry, and providing a highly positive evaluation of the company as a whole. Neway was approved by TotalEnergies 15 years ago. Beside industrial valve, Neway is also working with TotalEnergies on new manufacturing technology and carbon emission reduction.

The visit by TotalEnergies executives to Neway Valve during the Supplier Conference provided an excellent opportunity for Neway Valve to further promote herself to TotalEnergies.

We wish to build the long term cooperation ship with TotalEnergies forever!

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