Ms. Hilary Mercer, Executive Vice President (EVP) of Projects and Engineering at Shell visited Neway with her team


Amidst the radiant late spring transitioning into early summer, Neway Valve Company had the privilege of hosting the visit of Ms. Hilary Mercer, Executive Vice President (EVP) of Projects and Engineering at Shell. This visit marked not only a significant milestone in the history of overall cooperation but also a new beginning for deepening collaboration and exploring diversified development strategies together.

Chairman Vincent Lu and President Elvin Feng of Neway Valve attended the meeting, where, in a cordial and productive discussion, both parties revisited the splendid achievements of their past collaborations, highly praised the efficient execution of multiple successful projects, and delved into strategies for maintaining high-quality and efficient project implementation. During the meeting, Mr. Lu, on behalf of Neway, presented Ms. Mercer with a 20th-anniversary commemorative gift, symbolizing Neway's two decades of steady growth and anticipation for boundless future opportunities. Ms. Mercer expressed her sincere gratitude and admiration for Neway's stable development and its remarkable contributions.

Following the meeting, Ms. Mercer toured Neway's modern factory, witnessing firsthand the production process for Shell's project orders. She commended Neway's advanced manufacturing techniques and stringent quality control systems, and personally experienced the Shell new energy charging stations at Neway's facility. This not only highlighted Shell's forward-looking strategy in the new energy sector but also exemplified another collaborative endeavor in their shared path towards sustainability.

Of particular note, the visit featured an unconventional exchange event where the Shell team engaged in face-to-face interactions with fifth-grade students from Suzhou Science and Technology City Foreign Language School. Through Ms. Mercer's vivid and engaging explanations, she piqued the children's interest and inspired their thoughts about the oil and gas industry and the global energy transition, planting the seeds of aspiration in these young minds for future exploration in the energy sector.

This visit not only reinforced the business relationship between Neway and Shell but also showcased their shared commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development. By integrating advanced manufacturing with education, they fostered a deeper understanding and interest among the public, especially the younger generation, in the current state and future trends of the energy industry, thereby cultivating a potential talent pool for the sector's ongoing development. The visit stands out as a highlight in the collaboration history between Neway and Shell, and more significantly, represents a pivotal step forward in driving innovation in the energy industry and promoting sustainability. Through enhanced cooperation, the two companies are poised not only to complement and innovate in technology, products, and services but also to seize more opportunities amidst global energy market shifts, jointly steering the industry towards greener, more efficient, and sustainable horizons.

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